Silver Springs International Film Festival Volunteer Information

Volunteering for the Silver Springs International Film Festival (SSIFF) is about helping a wonderful selection of films and artists to share their stories here in Ocala and Marion County.  Our goal for volunteers is to provide a positive and friendly atmosphere in which everyone is treated with courtesy and respect, while together creating an exciting event that celebrates film.  Not only do volunteers work behind the scenes, they are also at the forefront of the festival.  Whether it’s working in theater operations, providing festival information to attendees and filmmakers, working the evening events or setting up Q&A panel discussions, volunteers help bring this world-class cinematic event to life.

Volunteers are able to use their pass to attend films, parties, special events and panel discussions after all ticketed attendees are accommodated.  We are very grateful for the considerable contributions made by our Volunteers and know that we could not present the festival without their hard work and dedication.  Make a difference and become a Volunteer today!  


Silver Springs International Film Festival’s Expectations of Volunteers


  • Plan to attend the volunteer meeting which will be held within 2 weeks of the festival.  You will receive notice of this via e-mail with details of date and time.
  • Be very visible and a “frontline” part of the SSIFF team starting with a smile for everyone. Proudly promote the festival.
  • Behave in a highly professional manner at all times while on duty, especially in the presence of guests, filmmakers and festival sponsors
  • Arrive for scheduled shift on time, dressed appropriately, and ready to work.
  • Abide by the rules of conduct both on and off-duty. Remember, volunteers officially represent the festival.
  • Become familiar with the festival’s films and activities
  • Contact the Volunteer Coordinator for any schedule or shift changes
  • Work assigned schedule, but allow time to enjoy the Festival.

 FAQ’s about SSIFF Volunteering

  • How long is each shift?   Each shift is approximately 3-5 hours
  • What happens after I submit my application?  You will be notified that your application has been received with the shifts and jobs you’ve chosen.
  • How do I know if my application is successful?  You will be contacted via e-mail with assigned location, date, and time.  Please don’t be discouraged if your application was not successful this year.  We will try to accommodate as many volunteers as possible.
  • What if my plans or availability change before or during the festival?  Log onto the volunteer website and make the changes as needed or let the volunteer coordinator know as soon as possible.
  • What do I wear to volunteer?  You will be given an SSIFF Volunteer t-shirt.  Please wear with dark pants or skirt along with comfortable shoes.  Remember you are representing the festival!
  • Can I watch films while I’m working?  Depending on when and where you are working you may be able to after all ticketed attendees are seated and comfortable.  You are able to watch films when you are off duty with available seating.

Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a list of different volunteer options and their duties:

Information Services

·         Knowledgeable and up to date on all festival films and events

·         Know ticketing and pass guidelines and pricing (assist guests as needed)

·         Hand out materials

·         Track down answers if needed

·         Welcome everyone, be outgoing

·         Set up/take down displays/signage at the booth

·         Know layout of festival grounds

·         Assist with rush lines

·         Hand out and collect survey information

Filmmaker’s Lounge

·         Check passes or tickets for people entering the lounge

·         Engage patrons and keep the space active

·         Engage patrons and keep the space active

·         Help prepare space per event or Q&A as needed

·         Assist with computer banks for film viewing

·         Help with set up and tear down of seminars

·         Keep station clean and orderly


Theater Greeters/Ballots/Line Managers


·         Greet/thank people before/after screenings – promote other events

·         Assist people perusing catalogs and looking for screening blocks on daily program

·         Scan tickets

·         Direct people to their seats

·         Maintain theater lines

·         Keep station clean and orderly

·         Hand out ballots as patrons enter and collect as they exit

·         Hand out marketing collateral/materials if available per screening

·         Help with surveys as needed

·         Watch for prohibited items/activities

Must be 25+ years of age and have valid unrestricted DL or CDL and proof of insurance

·         Vehicle support for all areas

·         VIP transport to hotels, airport, appearances

·         Operations transport

·         Lift, carry, move equipment, supplies, materials

·         Keep vehicles safe and clean when in possession

·         Flexible with travel constraints

 Festival Assistants/Runners

·         Responsibilities will be allocated per job

·         Assist with tasks as needed

·         Be prepared to fill in at any volunteer station that needs coverage

·         Knowledge of films playing and general festival info

·         Assist with rush lines

·         Collect and input survey info

·         Keep festival grounds neat and clean at all times

 Events/Mixers (*must be 21 or older)

·         Event Coordinator, managing volunteers

·         Assist with set up/break down

·         Check tickets or passes upon entry

·         Greet Guests

·         Food station attendants

·         Clean up after the event:  remove trash, mop floors, etc.

·         Crowd Control

 Panel Discussion/Seminars

·         Set up chairs and tables as needed

·         Be friendly and courteous

·         Collect paper surveys from guests waiting in theater lines, inside theater

·         Be prepared to answer general festival questions

·         Return completed surveys to Filmmakers Lounge or Theater


 Pre-Festival/Post Festival Assistants

·         Prepare gift bags

·         Prepare sponsor packets

·         Put up posters

·         Hand out materials

·         Assist directors up to 2 weeks prior

·         Assist clean up

·         Educate community groups about the film festival 


QUESTIONS?  Please Contact Our Volunteer Coordinator!

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