The majority of the festival is programmed from general submissions. We also offer a few "special interest film blocks" to create opportunities for certain films that target issues and ideas specific to our community. By programming the “special interest” blocks we can offer these filmmakers the best audience possible for their particular genre.

Special Interest Film Blocks

Fresh Squeezed Goodness...
locally grown in the Sunshine State.

Fresh Squeezed highlights the Silver Springs International Film Festival and the Ocala Film Foundation's dedication to supporting local filmmakers by featuring films made in Florida.

We strive to highlight the best of the Sunshine State to encourage filmmakers from all over the world to take advantage of the natural resources and exceptional hospitality that Ocala, Marion County, Florida has to offer.


This block is inspired by the rich natural treasures that make Ocala/Marion County a vital and vibrant center for environmental concerns and eco-friendly tourism.  These films are dedicated to increasing public awareness by presenting issues and ideas that impact our planet - literally, in an engaging and enlightening format.  These films bear witness to the power and artistry of the cinema's vital role in cultures and societies around the globe and are dedicated to those who create this art form.


Inspired by Ocala's iconic "Horse Fever"* project, this block celebrates Ocala/Marion County's distinction as "The Horse Capital of the World."  "Horse Fever"* celebrates the creativity and talent of Ocala's visual artists and the cooperative spirit between her people and her legendary horse industry.  The project brings to life a fancifully painted and embellished herd of life-sized horses that decorate and adorn Ocala's landscape.  The Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' and Owners' Association (FTBOA) has generously served as the lead sponsor of this record-breaking project that has raised $1.75 million in total for the Marion Cultural Alliance and 35 other local charities.


We know there is nothing quite as magical as our first film-going experience - for kids and their parents.  Saturday mornings are for kids - big and small at Silver Springs International Film Festival.  This block features a diverse program geared toward toddlers, school age children, tweens, teens, parents and grandparents alike.  Devoted to widening your family's viewing experience beyond animated tales, talking animals and adult inside jokes, film-goers can view a unique collection of cinematic works from around the globe, including feature-length narrative, documentary, short, animated and student films.

Horse Fever: A public art project of Marion Cultural Alliance, Ocala, FL. 2001-2014

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